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Purchase the Symphony of Soul “Sugar & Spice” Compilation CD

 Sugar & Spice Compilation CD

Symphony of Soul is proud to present Sugar & Spice, its first compilation CD!

Sugar & Spice is a “sweet & sassy sampling of songs” featuring some of the musicians from our roster, including:

Guy ForsythSara HickmanGato 6

David Cummings Trio

Suzi Stern

Craig Toungate

Del Castillo

Leslie Hyland-Rodgers

Alex Coke & Rich HarneyThe Original Recipe BandChaski


The Just Desserts

Van Wilks

Jeff Lofton Quartet

Purchase the CD  here.

100% of the proceeds benefit Symphony of Soul.
 Sugar & Spice Compilation CD cover


Produced by Leslie Hyland-Rodgers and Symphony of Soul
Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc., Austin, Texas
CD Layout and graphics by Leslie Hyland-Rodgers and Matthew Eskey, Any and All Media
Artwork by: Leslie Hyland-Rodgers, © 2010 Leslie Hyland-Rodgers
© (p) 2010 The Symphony of Soul, Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured in USA.

Symphony of Soul would like to thank: God, our beloved friends and families, George Rodgers, Bill Ham, Dave Brichler, David Dickinson and everyone at Lone Wolf, Patrick Fogarty, Diane Tubb, Nick Landis, Gary Powell, Nikki Rowling, Lance Schriner, Preston Sullivan, Jos DenHartog, Tamra Swindoll, Hollis & Robert Gaston, Craig Parks, Dean Lofton, Kevin Heady, Kamran Ziai, the wonderful Artists who donated tracks to this compilation and all of their incredible Musicians, including: Guy Forsyth, Mark Addison, Josh Gravelin, Colin Brooks, Ephraim Owens, Rob Hooper, Wammo, Sara Hickman, George Oldziey, Kris Afflerbaugh, Wayne Salzmann, Dennis Dotson, John Mills, James Fenner, David Cummings, Howard T. Levine, Frank Kammerdiener, Suzi Stern, Chris Maresh, Terry Bowness, Mike Koennig, Craig Toungate, Susan Lincoln, Paul Pearcy, Glen Kawamoto, Nick Connolly, Dan Torosian, Alex Ruiz, Mark del Castillo, Rick del Castillo, Albert Besteiro, Rick Holeman, Mike Zeoli, Leslie Hyland-Rodgers, Elaine Barber, Richard Kilmer, Alex Coke, Rich Harney, Evan Arredondo, Brad Evilsizer, Jimmy Fenno, Austin Porterfield Kimble, Monte Mann, Adrienne Inglis, Shana Norton, Dan Dickey, Haydn Vitera, Eddie Flores, Omar Vallejo, Luiz Coutinho De Souza, Lisa Shawley, Michael Shay, Linky Dickson, Rob Halverson, Lillis Urban, Van Wilks, Stephen Barber, Chris Skiles, Chris Maresh, Lisa Tingle, Jeff Lofton, Red Young, Chris Jones, Masumi Jones.

Dedicated to Leslie Hyland-Rodgers’ mother Judy Greene, the inspiration for Symphony of Soul, as well as our wonderful friends and clients who are confined in care centers and facing challenging circumstances.