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Pay It Forward



Jazz up your corporate or private party with the live music of Symphony of Soul’s professional musicians. When you make a donation to our “Pay it Forward” program, you will:

  • Enjoy wonderful musical entertainment at your event, provided by our professional musicians;
  • Spend less money than hiring musicians through a regular booking agency;
  • Take a tax deduction. Symphony of Soul is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, so you can write off at least 50% of the donation; and
  • Pay it forward. Symphony of Soul will use a portion of your donation to “pay it forward” by scheduling the musician(s) to provide live music at one of the care centers that we serve. We will acknowledge you or your corporation as the sponsor of that performance.

For more information,
please contact Leslie Hyland Rodgers

at Leslie@symphonyofsoul.org or (512) 699-9298

Double Your Gift

For every hour of Symphony of Soul music provided at your private or corporate event, another hour of Symphony of Soul music is provided at a care center.

The “Pay it Forward” program provides live music on an hourly basis, as follows:

1 musician – $200/hour

2 musicians – $400/hour

3 or more musicians – $600/hour